I wanted to say how thankful I was for the Opus gel compression wrap a few nights ago. My wife has several forms of arthritis that flare up at different times. A few nights ago a bad flare in one foot was keeping her awake. Neither pain killers or heated bean bags were helping.

I retrieved the wrap from the freezer and within 10 minutes of wrapping the foot and ankle the pain started to fade. We left it on for another 10 minutes or so and my wife was able to get to sleep.
I know I questioned the length of the wrap but it worked well that night to cover the ankle and foot area with enough compression to be effective.

Thanks again,


The gel wraparound has been a lifesaver for me. I'm currently waiting for knee surgery and have no cartilage left between my knee bones. The grating causes pain regardless of standing sitting or lying down. At best it's irritating and the worst is when I'm trying to get to sleep. The pain is intense and only the cold gel helps. This gel sleeve allows me a breather till I get to sleep.  When I wake up the gel wraparound is the first thing I put on. It allows the awkward gait and stiffness to ease up. I am able to move more fluidly and without a lot of pain. The gel helps me daily to maneuver the worst of my early mornings and late nights . If I've overextended my walking the gel is the go to relief. I'm very grateful it's easy to put on and works so quickly.

The compression wrap is a life saver for my ankle. I fractured the base of my tibia and dislocated my ankle over 5 years ago and usually have to ice it after most activities which is usually an ordeal of pillows, bags of peas and other ice packs. With the compression wrap I simply pull it out of the freezer, wrap it around my ankle and relax. I would definitely recommend the compression wrap for anyone that requires icing of any part of their body on a regular basis!


I LOVE the Opus gel Wrap!!! I keep mine in the freezer at all times, using it when I am especially sore after a workout, usually on my shoulder! Thanks for creating such an innovative but easy to use product, that really helps alleviate my pain and discomfort. Can't wait to see more products from Hexyoo in the near future! 🙂


When I sprained my ankle last year from a fall on an icy step, I thought that I would not be able to walk for a long time afterwards. I was staying with my daughter at the time, and she happened to have an Opus gel Wrap on hand so I was able to use it immediately after my injury! The wrap eased my pain, and I saw results in a few days. I used the frozen wrap twice a day on my ankle, keeping my foot elevated during use. It kept the swelling down and bruising diminished so much faster than normal (I bruise very easily). The Opus gel Wrap worked really well, and it is an amazing product! I really am grateful to have had the Opus gel Wrap during my injury! Thanks very much for a great product!

Kathleen Drodge


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