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A little about Our Gel:

  • We take pride in ensuring all of the products offered by Hexyoo are manufactured in Canada;
  • Our products are crafted from our own proprietary formulations, thereby allowing us to ensure the use of only the highest quality and safe ingredients;
  • This allows us to offer the best competitive values to our customers by formulating our products from the base of raw materials;
  • Our partners and related companies have over 40 years of experience manufacturing gel products using proprietary gel formulations;
  • We do not sell any imported gel products.
  • We manufacture all of our proprietary gel materials and finished products exclusively in our Toronto manufacturing facility;
  • We utilize only Health Canada, FDA and/or USP compliant ingredients;
  • Our products are skin-safe and our manufacturing procedures are environmentally sound;
  • Unlike many imported gels, our gel has no obnoxious odours, is hypoallergenic and will not flow or leak if cut.

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27 Casebridge Crt. Unit 3, Toronto, ON M1B 4Y4


+1 (416) 818-3987

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