Competitive Advantages

  • Semi-solid gel, not an encased liquid gel, like competitors;
  • Can wrap and be in direct contact with large skin area;
  • Can wrap awkward areas;
  • Maintains visco property at wide range of temperatures...very cold to very warm;
  • Can effectively ‘cool’ when gel is above freezing;
  • Even works when at room temperature;
  • Cool and compress at the same time;
  • Compression can be varied;
  • Gel wrap protects against further impacts;
  • Gel will not get warmer than skin temperature;
  • Re-useable;
  • Will not leak;
  • Clean-able...washable...disinfect-able;
  • Sticks to itself;
  • Cut-able if wanted/needed;
  • Usual injury locations can be wrapped ....and mobility/use typically not constrained;
  • Made in Canada;

The Opus gel Compression Wrap can be used for cold or hot therapy for up to 20 minutes at a time. It is reusable, long-lasting, easy to wash for additional uses as needed.

It is important to note that most people leave hot or cold therapy on for too long! Research shows that 10-15 minutes is all that is needed to effectively drop tissue temperature for a desired therapeutic effect. So the Opus gel Compression Wrap will slowly return to body temperature during use, and it will seem like that happens quickly. Trust us, we believe that this temperature change, in addition to true 360 deg compression is the best approach! Even purchase a second wrap, so you can have another ready to go when needed! 🙂

Absolutely! The Opus Compression wrap can be cut with scissors to a length or width that works better for you. We sell it at a particular length but feel free to alter it. The beauty of our gel is that it will not leak or the properties will not change as a result of cutting!

The compression wrap sticks to itself and you can stretch it wrap any body part. It also helps to tuck the end part of the wrap under some of the other wrapped material. It will stick easily like this. Check out our video section to see how that is done!


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