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"Better outcomes for your patients combining true compression with the ability to easily heat or cool"

                                                             ~Dr.ManaAkbari, DC, BSc.H (Kin), CPT


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Reseller Agreement (registering above implies that you agree to the following terms)
  1. Reseller’s Marketing Costs. All costs relating to the marketing and distribution of the Products and Licenses by Reseller, shall be borne solely by Reseller. Reseller shall be fully responsible to obtain and provide for itself, at Its’ own cost, with any and all licenses, permits, certificates and all other documentation and information required for the exportation and importation of the Products and its’ sales therein. Reseller will use its best efforts to promote the Products in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. Shipping and risk of loss. All Products will be shipped by the Company F.O.B. the Company’s point of shipment. Unless specified by Reseller in the purchase order, the Company will select the mode of shipment and the carrier. Reseller is responsible and will pay for freight, handling, insurance and other transportation charges, unless agreed to otherwise by Reseller and Company. All risk of loss of or damage to Products will pass to Reseller upon delivery by the Company to the carrier, freight forwarder or Reseller, whichever occurs first.
  3. Reseller's Duties. Reseller will take customary measures in the marketing and distribution of the Products to protect the Company's Intellectual Property Rights in the Products, no less than the extent to which Reseller protects its’ Intellectual Property Rights in his Products, and will, to the extent lawful, report promptly to the Company any confirmed infringement of such rights of which Reseller becomes aware.
  4. Total liability. Each party’s liability for a breach of this Agreement will be limited to the payments received or due from Reseller under this Agreement.


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If you are interested in special reseller pricing (quantities not currently available in our reseller cart)


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Hexyoo Chief Executive Officer

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